Monthly Wrap Up – June 2018

June Wrap Up

Halfway through the year! There are plenty of books I need to read to help with my reading goal, yet when the sun is out, I find it hard to pick up books that are heavy going. Oh curse you easy reads, I love you and yet I hate you all at the same time!



I had to double take when I looked at my Goodreads read list. I only read two books in June! (side note I don’t count re-reads). Even though I did a reading challenge, I only managed to get two done! It was super surprising, compared to the last six months where I read a minimum of 3 books…

So excuse my shock. However, even though I only read two new books, I have to say that I was not disappointed! I mean Nalini Singh release Ocean Light, and it was everything I wanted!! I would have devoured it in one sitting, but since I was taking a flight I made sure to drag it out for as long as I could manage! In Name Only was a sweet story that had lots of potential, I can’t wait to see what the author brings out next.

Currently Reading


I am struggling through the Delicate Dependency. I can understand why it got great reviews, but personally, I find the story a little drawn out…However, I am super stoked to be reading Beyond Circumstances. I am halfway through the story, and I absolutely love it. The story has a right balance of content, description and chemistry. A big yes from me!



This month I have decided to finish books that I have started. Over the last couple of month I have started reading the three books above, but due to new releases or reading challenges, I put them aside. It is a good mix of general fiction, not fiction and paranormal. So I shouldn’t have a problem finishing them!


What books did you end up reading last month? Like me do you need to up the anti on your reading goals?

2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up – June 2018

    1. You have a good point about the word counts! The Awakening for me has now ended up in DNF, I was struggling with the lovers. I understand love triangles but three people in one relationship?…seems a little too good to be true!


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