An unnecessary Book Haul

Right now, I feel like a complete hypocrite. In my last post, I spoke about how I wasn’t going to buy any new books for this Autumn as I had a lot already in TBR. But noooo, I just couldn’t help myself as I wandered into Waterstones, WHSmith and Selfridges of all places. I think I need help to be honest!

So I have decided to air my dirty book laundry and share with you the books I brought over the last few weeks. This may be a vain attempt to shame myself into not buying anymore books for the rest of the season.

How are you with impulsive book buying?

Here are the books I spoke about (please note I do use affiliate links):

Here are the books I spoke about (please note I do use affiliate links):

– Assassin’s Apprentice:

– The Women of Troy:

– The Madien’s:

– Serpent & Dove:

– Mrs Palfry at the Claremont:

2 thoughts on “An unnecessary Book Haul

  1. Don’t worry, I think every bookworm promises to not buy anymore books, but then goes in the first bookshop they pass! There is literally no more room on any of the bookshelves in my flat at the moment and despite telling myself that I won’t be buying anymore books until I’ve had a clear out, I just keep buying them 😂 Hope you enjoy your latest book buys!


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