TBR December 2017

Copy of Top 3

At the end of this month, we will be at the start of 2018! Whatever you might be up to, I know I will have plenty of time to finish up a decent chunk of my to be read (TBR) pile. What tickles me is that the three books I want to read before December are all authors I have never read before. Usually, my TBR pile is 50% new authors and 50% authors that I love. I always try and read a mixture of both as it helps me avoid reading slumps (which hardly ever happen).

So for December 2017, my TBR are:


Their Witch Wears Plaid – Kathleen Shaputis


Even though Nell felt right at home as the palm reader at Scotland’s Baillie Castle, a romantic bed and breakfast, her own love life fell short. Surrounded daily by married and engaged couples, Nell enjoyed her independence, though there was this one sweet crush she had on a fantasy knight in shining armor.
Her delightful end of summer is shoved into a powerful hurricane of mystery when an evil druid battles for her service, throwing her into nightmares and catatonic trances. Will her infatuation with the professional knight rescue her from the darkness or is he entrenched with the dreaded Druid?
The hurricane reaches Category 5 intensity when a magic coin, the diva queen squad and a pair of witches collide at the castle. Will magic be enough to save Nell from a broken heart or cause certain death? 

Initial Thoughts:

This sounds right up my alley. Scotland, magic and fantasy knights. What more could you ask for?


Neveah – Jessica Gleave


Duty always comes before love.
Neveah has seen that her whole life. She is, after all, the daughter of the Sun and Moon, who have spent her entire life putting their duties to the Land Below before their love for each other. Growing up, she struggles to find her place in the Sky Realm, where everyone has a duty except her. And there are some who believe she shouldn’t exist at all. 
When tragedy strikes, Neveah decides to take up the sword, fighting against Niall: the Cloud, and his family, helping her parents to resist the Cloud family’s quest for power over the Sky. During one such battle against the Storm twins, Neveah finds herself falling to the Land Below.
Neveah must make her way back up to the Sky Realm so that her parents will separate, ending the eclipse that takes place whenever they come together. 
Having no knowledge of her whereabouts, Neveah asks for directions from a kind-hearted farmer named Blaxton who turns out to be more than he seems.
Blaxton has spent his life helping people in need, so when a young woman asks him for directions to get to Fingerpoint Mountain he feels compelled to guide her there himself. 
As the two travelling companions continue their journey, their attraction to one another grows. But neither can confide the truth of their identity to the other. 
Blaxton doesn’t care who Neveah is, though, he just knows he must help her return home.
Meanwhile, the Monteris King hears rumours of the female warrior. He knows who Neveah really is and wishes to take her for his bride. 
Can Neveah get back to the Sky Realm before the Land Below is plunged into eternal darkness or will her heart compel her to stay with someone who accepts her for who she really is?

Initial Thoughts:

I am actually a few chapters into this book already. This book comes out in January and I have the opportunity to read it thanks to Netgalley. The only thing I am worried about is this book might take me awhile to read. The initial chapters gives me an impression of a YA style book (which I really struggle with). I am going to stay optimistic and hopefully this book will change my mind.


The Twaesum Aik of Brae Mackenzie: Volume 1 – Andrea Aguillard


Brae MacKenzie, a successful San Francisco painter, is a woman who seems to have it all but who’s felt a sense of loss and longing since childhood. Her artistic passion hasn’t filled that void, and with the untimely death of her charismatic husband, the old pain resurges. Brae’s father senses his daughter’s pain and before she embarks for an exhibit in England he hands her a family heirloom hidden away for years…a letter: “Since you are still among the living, your heart is not broken…follow the map,” Brae reads, “to Scotland.” The London exhibit, in its ultra-chic hollowness, prompts Brae into taking and advice of that bewildering letter. She hops a train for Glasgow. When the train goes through a tunnel and emerges in an infinite forest of Scotch pines, descendants of the ancient Caledonian forest, Brae suddenly feels something. This is her stop; she just knows it. She is met at the station by Damon, a stranger, or perhaps not. He becomes her own personal tour guide to the myths and history of a past she never knew–and to a romance she never dreamed of having. She had it all, beauty, love, wealth and fame, but her soul was empty. It wasn’t the loss of her perfect husband, her painting did not give her joy, she was empty inside, something was missing.

Initial thoughts:

This feels like it will be a slow moving book, but that will leave you totally satisfied. Again I do love any story based in Scotland, so fingers crossed!

What are your TBR for December? 

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