Book Rating Policy

What you need to know before submitting a review request.

Reviews by Wayward Reviews

  • Books by publishing companies (big or small), e-book publishers and self published authors are accepted.
  • Reviews will be posted on this website and Goodreads, it will also be shown on our twitter account @waywardreviews
  • Preferred Genres are: Historical or Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense. However, if the book is pitched well and the story line seems interesting then it will be accepted.
  • Forms accepted: Physical (hardcover or ARC) & Digital E-Books, on rare occasions we accept PDF, but this hampers the review time.
  • When submitting please attach any media kits, this will help with the decision process
  • Timelines are considered on a case by case basis. As the reviewer we are entailed to deny any timeline requests.

Rating System

  • 5 Stars – The story was compelling, the characters interesting, the world building astonishing. All elements portrayed in such a way that you couldn’t put the book down.
  • 4 Stars – There are moments in the book that shined. However, there were a few elements that were missing that could have made the book amazing. Close but no cigar.
  • 3 Stars – Nice story, a great little read. But not out of this world, there is quite a bit of room for growth. Though it had potential.
  • 2 Stars – There were elements that were just bad, horrible or boring. Yet something kept spurring you on to keep reading. Loads of room for improvement.
  • 1 Stars – Why did this book not end up in the did not finish pile? Poorly constructed, the characters story line was confusing. It felt very rushed and was not pleasant to read.