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Welcome to our little space on the internet.

Wayward Reviews came about when Zoe wanted to share her thoughts on what she was reading. Now over two years later Zoe has dragged her bestie and fellow book lover Bex into the fold. Between the both of them they read and review everything and anything they come across. They are always looking for a new book (and series) to sink their teeth into.

Before you click away, I am offering the below opportunities, because sharing is caring my friend!


I want to extend Wayward Reviews to you, my fellow reviewers. I know many of us find it hard to maintain a website, it’s not the glamorous side to reviewing. Therefore, I am opening a few slots to a select few who would be interested in reviewing on this blog. There are no restrictions as to what you would like to review, only that we stick with books and that you contribute at least once a month. For further terms and conditions, DM on twitter or write in the contact form below – Zoe


Do you have a book you would like me or my team to review? We are always happy to take on new and upcoming authors (and also established ones too). Please get in touch via the contact form below, we would love to hear from you!