A Box of Stories – Book Box Subscription – June Box Review

At the end of May, I finally made the decision to get a book box subscription (dangerous I know!) as a little early birthday present to myself. I don’t know about any of you but it took my quite a long time to decide on what book box that I wanted. To give you a quick backstory, I do love subscription boxes but I always put a limit on how much I would spend. Because most of the time, I could get these items but the reason I choose the subscription is the convenience. Now, let me tell you my price range was going to be between £10-£20 pounds. I had factored in postage and how many books I would receive based on price. So it was to my absolute horror that many of these book subscription boxes would be a minimum of £24.

All I wanted was a book box where I got maybe 2-3 books each time, do you think that was possible? Barely. As much as I love nick knacks, I am all about the books themselves. The reason behind getting a subscription box was to read books that I wouldn’t possibly read myself. I didn’t want teas, chocolates or miscellaneous items to go along with the subscription. I think 5/8 subscription services (based in the UK, trying keep it local) had unnecessary items that went along with it. Which to be honest made it quite easy for me to cull down, then the second issue was that the remanding three book only subs, there was only one that would fit my requirements.

A box of stories came in at £14 (then a 10% for future subs), which gave me four books per box. What also got me was that these box (all new) had be rescued from the wood chipper, so its not only more bang for your buck but you are saving the environment too! Oh, I was so thrilled and signed up on the day.

So after that long winded spiel, here is my review of the books I received. Please note I have no be paid to share this box, nor are there any affiliate links associated with this review.

What the books looked like when I got them. Two hardbacks and two paperbacks.

My first impression was that I was quite surprised to have gotten hardback, but also a little underwhelmed about the selection. The genres I got were one murder/thriller, one murder/mystery, one general fiction and one historical fiction based in WWII. When you initially sign up you get to pick three genres you would not like to receive.

However, I was so happy that I could eat my words. I started with The Tapping at My Door by David Jackson – superb story, well written with great twists and turns. Eyes like Mine by Sheena Kamal, was a dark and moody which was something I hadn’t read in a long time. I started reading Apex Hides the Hurt by Colson Whitehead, the writing style wasn’t for me, but I think I will try again a little later. Two out of three is not so bad. I might start The Death of the Fronsac by Neal Ascherson in the next few days. I left this one to last as I am usually not a big fan of historical fiction based around world wars.

Overall for the price I paid, I was very happy with what I have received. I think I will probably like the last book but I will let you know in the comments below what I thought of it. If you are based in the UK and would like to try a book box then I would recommend A Box of Stories.

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