Current DNF- 2021 Edition

Over the course of 2021, I have brought a large number of physical books, along with receiving a number of book box subscriptions. While I have always intended to finish every book I start, I now have reached what I like to call book maturity and I will not finish a book if I am not enjoying it. Life is too short to read bad books! Though with a caveat, I always try to make a good attempt at a book before it goes into the DNF pile.

So what are some of the books that have ended up in my DNF pile?

Some might come as a surprise as I know some of them are quite popular books.

Assassins Apprentice – I fell in love with the book cover, the synopsis was appealing enough but I wasn’t ready for was the endless world-building, slow borderline painful character development and snail pace storyline. The book is elegantly written, I just can’t get on board with Fritz. He is a sweet boy and I think that is what my issue is, I am reading about a very young boy I think you are introduced to him when he was like 5? I got almost halfway through the book and he is only 12?

So yeah, I got ridiculously bored. I would have been happy with around five chapters talking about his youth and the world he lived in. I was really hoping for my assassin training, big politics and maybe even a nice mid-story plot twist. I am confident in saying that I will probably not pick this book up again.

T.I.M.E: The Heiden File – I couldn’t get on board with the main character, she irritated me from the start. I got through a few chapters, but I am no longer enticed to pick it up.

Farzaneh and the Moon – This was from a box of stories book subscription, read one chapter and it was an instant nope from me. I was alright with that because I knew someone that I could pass it on to.

Labyrinth – This one is a hard one for me to DNF because I am a good chunk of the way through. Maybe I will say it’s a DNF but with the possibility, I might pick it up later. On GoodReads, this is my type of book, but I just found that there was something that wasn’t clicking for me within the story, maybe it’s the character or the pace? But I have put it down and not picked it up in month’s now.

There are more DNF’s from this year, however, I wanted to share with you my most recent. Maybe in the new year, I will put out all my physical DNF’s and decide to move them on or attempt to read them again.

How does your DNF look like? Tell me some books you have stopped reading and why!

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