Dragon Road by Joseph Brassey

Book Synopsis

The Axiom Diamond is a mythical relic, with the power to show its bearer any truth they desire. Men have sought for it

A murderous plot aboard a city-sized flying ship must be averted before a crazed cult sends a million people to their deaths

When portal-mage Harkon Bright and his apprentice are asked to help select a new captain for the immense skyship Iseult, they quickly find themselves embroiled in its Machiavellian officer’s court. Meanwhile, their new recruit, Elias, struggles to adapt to his unexpected gift of life while suffering dark dreams of an ancient terror.

As the skies darken and storm-clouds gather on the Dragon Road, the crew of the Elysium come face to face with deadly intrigues, plots from beyond death, and a terrible darkness that lurks in the heart of a thousand-year storm.

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*Non Spoiler Review*

The sequel to Skyfarer was even better than I expected. I really enjoyed the politics on the craft called the Iseult and also getting the chance to hear more of the backstory with the crew – which you didn’t get as much in the last book. This book is based in space, it includes mages and loads of sword fighting, something I normally would be drawn to but I really like Brassey’s writing and world-building.

Definitely rooting for MC Elias, his story arch is fantastic, I am secretly/not so secretly hoping there will be a little more romance between him and Aimee.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. If you are a fan of magic and aircraft battles then I definitely recommend this book!

Book Rating: 4/5

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