Illumicrate – December Box Review

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I signed up to get illumicrate back in November and completely forgot about it until I saw the email in my inbox saying my item had been shipped. For those of you who read my blog, you know that I have adamantly avoided getting these types of book boxes on the standing that you only get one book and loot that I may not even use.

But here I am reviewing my first ever box and I confess I was impressed. I am really interested in reading the book and most of the trinkets I will happily use and are using already. While the price itself (£35), does hit me in the heart strings I can see why people enjoy receiving these boxes.

Below is my video review of the box and I apologise in advance for the chaoticness of it, I was pretty excited to receive it and you can see I am a bit all over the show!

Do you subscribe to loot boxes like this? Do you find them interesting?

Watch my full impression on each book over on YouTube.

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