Monthly Wrap Up – January 2018

January Wrap

Welcome to February!

I know for many of you that January can be a tough time. Coming down after the Christmas high can be rough, not to mention how battered your wallet might be. Reading wise I do find you either can polish off quite a few TBR or procrastinate and read nothing at all! This month for me has been about stumbling through the murky waters of poorly written PNR.

My only saving grace was Beauty of the Beast. It wasn’t how I imagined I would start my TBR list?! But I guess you have to read some crap before you can find that diamond!

Currently Reading

I confess I already know that these three are going to be a struggle. It upsets me, but Anne Rice’s Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis has been ongoing since October…I just find the latest books she is reading quite dense (and not in a good way). The Modern Guide to Witchcraft will take me awhile because I read only a chapter at a time. Lastly, Dead Witch Walking, I just started a few days ago, and I am already struggling to read it. It’s a book I have chosen for Fantastic February but I am afraid it may end up in my DNF pile…however, I will persist for as long as I can!


Again, these books are chosen for my Fantastic February challenge. As much as I would like to read other off my TBR list, these take priority! Also I am finding it hard to not spend £10 on the physical books, paperback as well! (I decided to buy the paperbacks for this challenge).


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