Monthly Wrap Up – February 2018

February Wrap Up

February is done. What a challenging book month it has been for me!

I really got stuck with a few books…I am sad to say there is one that ended up being a DNF. Its a shame really as I wanted to complete the February challenge I was doing, I just didn’t want to torture myself any further.


Three books in a month are not bad for me! All three were based on the Fantastic February challenge I took. Out of the four books I selected, I read three. The last book I struggled with, like read a quarter of the way in and couldn’t pick it back up.

Reviews on all three are here: Night Pleasures, Witch for Hire, A Promise of Fire


It’s quite a big DNF for me this month. Usually, I have maybe 4-5 DNF for the whole year; this is because I come back to the books later and end up finishing them. So for me to state that the three books above I will purposely not pick up is pretty epic.

Going over the three books, Night Embrace was the follow up to Night Pleasure which I thoroughly enjoyed! So I had high expectations for the follow up, except it fell flat on it’s face. I do not like how wishy washy the female MC. It just ended up annoying me in the end, so sadly I put the book down.

Dead Witch Walking was a complete disappointment, the author was very detailed with scene setting, but I think her thoroughness made the story flop. I have no interest what so ever in picking that book back up!

Lastly Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, this was a bit of a political move. I was struggling with how detailed the book was, and then I read a post about Rice’s bullying to people who don’t write a positive review. I decided to stop reading her new releases; I may in the future choose to pick the book back up. But right now I don’t want to support authors who act like that.


So after that little rant I am looking forward to hacking into March’s TBR. I have already started Break the Line and are power through it (all good signs). As I have mentioned before, I am trying my best to include some general fiction in my TBR as this year’s personal challenge to myself. All that she can see and how to stop time were impulse buys when I was at the bookstore. Then the muse was given to me by a friend to read, so over all I am looking to complete my general fiction goal before the middle of the year!


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