Monthly Wrap Up – July 2018

July Wrap Up

A month of Historical Romance. Completely unexpected but I guess that was what I was craving!


A mixture of ARC’s & library books. I don’t know why I was drawn to Historical Romance this month, but I am so happy I got to read them. Lately, I have been struggling to finish some books and I know it is down to the genre. I know it is always best to read a variety so that you don’t get sick on one genre. But I can’t help myself!!! It’s who I am as a reader… You can see my reviews The Lion of Venice here & In the Assassin’s Arms will be live on the 6th of August for the blog tour. Again I decide not to do reviews for the other two, due to over-saturating my review section.

Currently Reading


Another book to add to my 2018 reading goal list! I usually find self-help books to be hit and miss. This book, however, has been keeping me content on my commutes to work. I love the writing style, also, the whole book just speaks to me on a level not many self-help books have done. Cannot wait to finish this bad boy and give you my review!



I am going to step away from these books. I picked up The Delicate Dependency for my Goodreads group challenge, I am about 70% through and yet I have no inclination to continue reading. I like the concept of the story, but it is long-winded and lacking any decent action or suspense. The Muse was given to me by a friend and I plan to give it back to her unread. I find the story is sweet and I like how it flips between the past and present, but there is something about it that is not hooking me in. I might come back to it at a later date, though at the moment I have plenty of other books to read.


My TBR has gotten bigger over the last few weeks. NetGalley has approved a few books that I have requested and to be honest, I still have a load of library books to read. So to keep it simple I am going to read whatever I am drawn to (that I already have in my possession). Let’s see in my next wrap up what I end up reading!


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