A Traitor’s War by Graeme Rodaughan

A Traitor’s War is the second installment of the Author’s “The Metaframe War” series.


After the desperate battle on the Boston docks, Anton Slayne finds refuge amongst the vampire hunters of the Order of Thoth.

Anton discovers the Order of Thoth harbors a traitor who could get his new friends killed. While a secret alliance between the Red Empire, and rogue vampire general, Chloe Armitage, threatens to do the same.

With threats both within and without – will Anton’s new powers be enough to save his friends, or will his circling enemies destroy everyone he loves?


This book picks right up where the first left off, and we find our characters seeking refuge among those who are like them. But as you continue through the story, things are not always as they appear, and revenge isn’t always the best path.

You start to feel allegiance to some of the main players, and understand what threats are posed at them, whether they know it yet or not.

We follow the team, the Order of Thoth, as they battle it out against the Vampire Dominion, to either rescue or destroy the Order’s leader, Ramin Kain. Anton still dig’s to find the truth about his grandfather, and what role Ramin played in it. Is he worth saving?

I’m now eagerly awaiting the next in the series, The Dragon’s Den.

Rating: 4/5

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