Book Review: Destroyers Soul by A.R.Case

A stripper, a motorcycle president, and a racist motorcycle club. What more is there to be said? Really?

Book Synopsis

Mary Bayne would do anything for her brother and his children.

When their parents disowned him, she followed. When he got into trouble, she helped. But, when he screws up one time too many, she dives into a crash course of parenting which conflicts with her career as a stripper.

Complicating matters, she’s falling for Walt, the president of the local motorcycle club.

When the club’s racism clashes with the future they want, Walt tries to change the rules.

But, changing the rules just might kill him.


This book really gives you a taste of the motorcycle gang world, it’s a gritty hard place and the people who are in it are just as rough. I like the storyline, I believe this is the third in the series and the way it was written I didn’t feel like I had needed to have read the previous books.

Mary Bayne’s character grew on me, initially I thought she was a lost case and it was going to be a knight in shinning armour story. But I was wrong and I like when that happens! I did get a little frustrated at how the story felt a little choppy at times, I would have liked the whole story be from one persons point of view or a bit more blended.

I found the plot to be interesting, challenging the norms and racisim of motorcycle gangs. I would have felt a little more fluid if the hero wasn’t so willing to change the gang so fast, but it did make for some interesting turns.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book.

Rating: 4/5

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