Her Scoundrel Earl by Shelly Thacker

The second book in the Escape with a Scoundrel series.

Book Synopsis

He’s secretly a highwayman. So is the lady who’s about to steal his heart…

A fallen-from-grace earl with a nefarious reputation, Marcus Worthington wants vengeance against the man who ruined his family. There’s just one obstacle in his path: the lovely Lady Elizabeth Barnes-Finchley, a daring young widow who’s pursuing the same goal–with the help of a surprising secret identity. When a pistol shot on a moonlit heath brings them together, the rival outlaws reluctantly agree to join forces against their mutual enemy. But their seductive partnership puts both their lives in danger…and falling in love was never part of the plan.


*Non Spoiler Review*

I just put this book down mere moments ago and I feel compelled to right the review straight away. Thacker is a new reader I have stumbled across and boy she did not disappoint!

You are introduced to Elizabeth who is in a dire situation, he husband is dead and she is expecting. Not only that but her husband has left her with a lot of debt which is unable to pay. Following that beginning you watch the whirlwind of her life in London and how she managed to survive.

Next you are introduced to Marcus Worthington, Earl of Darkside. His past is shrouded in mystery and there are whispers of death and lies. He is someone who others fear and avoid at all cost.

I loved the gritting scene setting and how Thacker doesn’t dress things up. This story is about adventure, hardship and romance. But most of all the evolution of the main characters (MC). Yes, it is a historical romance. However, I couldn’t get enough of how detailed the whole book was. Strong character building (as well as support characters too), interesting plot twists and some very steamy scenes.

Overall it was a fantastic read, highly recommend!

Rating: 5/5

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