November 2021 TBR

This is a book log of what I am going to try and read for the month. If this sounds right up your alley please use this concept and tag me so I can come read your log!

Happy November my loves, I thought I would do a TBR post on what I plan to read this month. Unlike my book log, I am going to talk about what physical books I am selected to finish. I would include eBooks, but to be honest, that is a black hole that I am not ready to delve into! This month I decided to keep it at 4 books, while I managed to read 6 books last month these were at random. I have only just gotten out of my reading slump, so I don’t want to be restrictions on myself that might cause me to stop reading again. Hmmm, maybe I will write a post on how to cope with a reading slump…interested?

I am really enjoying doing YouTube videos on my book selections, here is the TBR video below.

Books for November

What books do you plan to read this month?

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