Reforming Lord Neil by Sally Britton

Book Synopsis

Book Details

Pages: 253

Genre: Regency Romance

Publisher: Blue Water Books

Lord Neil Duncan, third son of the Marquess of Alderton, finally angers his father enough to be cut off from the family. Neil believes it is only a matter of time before he is reinstated, but time is passing slowly and he needs to eat. His so-called friends have abandoned him, no one else trusts him, and it is not until he comes upon a young widow that he finds someone who needs his help as badly as he needs hers.

Teresa Clapham has been without a husband’s provision and protection for over a year. Supporting her mother and daughter on the pittance her brother-in-law provides has required her to stretch every farthing. When Lord Neil arrives at her doorstep proposing he work for her to earn his keep, she sees possibility in the man everyone else has deemed an arrogant good-for-nothing.

As Lord Neil works for the first time in his life, Teresa sees in him a tender heart long repressed by his family’s expectations – a heart that causes her own to open once more. But her brother-in-law Frederick Clapham is less charmed by Teresa’s new servant. When Lord Neil discovers the secret Mr. Clapham has been keeping, he must decide whether to embrace the man Teresa believes him to be, or fall back on the privileged lifestyle he’s always known.

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* Non-Spoiler Review*

My first Regency romance for 2022 and a clean one as well! I really enjoyed the backstories behind Neil and Teresa, Britton did a great job at setting the scene. I liked that she took the time for the two mc’s to grow and build their relationship.

While it’s not the best Regency romance I have read, there was something comforting about this book. It is the 5th book in the Inglewood series, the fact I didn’t notice it was a series was perfect. When I am wanting a cosy book on a Sunday afternoon, I will definitely pick up another book in this series.

Overall, it was that easy read I was looking for.

Spice Rating: 1/6 – See my rating system here

Book Rating: 4/5

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