August TBR 2022

This is a book log of what I am going to try and read for the month. If this sounds right up your alley please use this concept and tag me so I can come read your log!

Happy August my lovelies, how is summer going for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere and how is winter going for those in the South? I am making the most of the warm weather in the UK, while it hasn’t been blazing sunshine, it hasn’t been raining either (so that’s a win!).

This month I went a bit crazy, below are two videos for August. The first one is my original TBR, but then a few days later I decided to join the magical readathon and added more books to my TBR…I mean, what am I thinking?! Though for some weird reason I am buzzing with excitement to do this readathon, maybe it’s because I get to create my own character while doing it…

As always you can see below the books I have selected and please leave a comment on what you plan to read this month!


Books for August

What books do you plan to read this month?

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