Top 5 Favourite PNR Book Series

Top 5 PNR Series

I read a lot of PNR, and I mean A LOT. I have devoured countless series, some that were slow burns while other blazed on. It was tough for me to narrow it down, but I wanted to share with you my Top 5. These are the books that I will always re-read and have a great connection with the characters throughout the series.

So counting down to 1, here are my Top 5 PNR series.

5Christine Feehan – Sisters of the Heart Series

I can hear the Feehan crying out “what about the Dark, Leopard or Drake Sisters series?!” I have my reasons for choosing this series. Christine Feehan was my first PNR author I read (at the little old age of 16), the Dark Prince was my first book given to me by a family friend. I devoured the whole series in a matter of months. Along with the Drake Sisters as well. But as the years have gone on, I have found those series have started losing its touch.  However, for me. The Sisters of the Heart Series saved the day. Feehan kept the series to 6 books, integrated the characters across all novels. Each heroine had a relatable quality and badass power that we all wished we had. The brothers were fantastic! Each unique but still had an underlying thread that made them Prakenskii. The arching plot line kept me interested, and by the 6th book, I was happy with how everything turned out!

4. Thea Harrison – Elder Races Series

I really enjoy Harrison’s character building throughout this 9 part series, there is shifters, witches, vampires, djinn and many other species in her world. I also loved her novella that complimented the series. It took me a while to get into the series as I wasn’t a fan of Pia (from book 1). (That is the reason why I have placed it at the end of my top 5.) But once I got momentum, let’s say its all history.

3. Rachel Van Dyken – The Dark Ones Saga

The Dark Ones was a series I only found in 2017. A 4 part saga, you get swept into world of vampires, werewolves and succubus. Each hero/heroine has a unique flaw that puts them in the position they are in now.  I have to yet read any other series from Van Dyken, but this series is definitely worth a read.

2. Larissa Ione – Lords of Deliverance Series

Oh, Larissa. Thank you for bringing the demonic world to life! The Four Horsemen, Azagoth, Hades, Reaver and Revenant.  Owww I loved, loved, loved it all! Ione has this ability to tell a fascinating fantasy tale. It was tough for me to place Ione in second place, but something was missing that didn’t make me think of her instantly as my top series.

1. Nalini Singh – Psy/Changeling Series

I bow down to her greatness. It was tough for me to pick between Psy/Changeling or the Guild Hunter series. But in the end, I choose the first. She is probably the only author I have read who’s series maintains a good rhythm, quality characters and some downright steamy scenes. The world she has created is beyond words, at times I wish it were real! Singh is the first author I will always recommend when it comes to PNR, they way she writes just pulls your straight in. All-time favourite.

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