My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage – S.J. Crabb

My Perfect Life

A great holiday read! I stumbled across this book on my kindle recommendations.

Book synopsis:

Sophie Bailey has it all or so she thinks until one day she wakes up to find that her husband of 20 years is leaving her for a younger woman.
With no job, no money, no self esteem and the threat of losing her home Sophie will have to push aside her heartbreak and act fast. With a 6 year old son and wayward puppy to care for failure is not an option.

As if things aren’t bad enough she finds herself village gossip fodder, pursued by the mafia – playground variety, forced into servitude and resigns herself to a lifetime of shopping in Poundland. On the plus side there is the gorgeous Mr Rainford on hand to fantasise about twice a day.

The only one she can count on is her totally mad friend who thinks that life is like one of the books on her Kindle.

With her 40th birthday looming Sophie doesn’t think that it can get any worse – she was wrong. Suddenly Sophie’s life goes Viral!

A bittersweet love story that will have you laughing out loud before crying into your latte. When life explodes around you who can you really count on?
This is a story of shattered dreams and broken promises. When life deals you a hard blow you have no choice but to carry on. Throw in a mad dose of humour and you can get through anything. Can’t you? 

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So I brought this book almost a year ago and never got around to reading until now. I am kind of happy I read this while I was on holiday. It was the perfect laugh out loud romantic comedy. The story telling is wonderful, you get sucked into Sophie’s life and feel for her current predicament. Crabb’s writing is witting which make it an very easy read, a great holiday book!

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