My 2018 Reading Goals – Progress Report

2018 Reading Goals

So its halfway through the year and I thought it would be a great time to do a tag and take a look at how far I have gotten with my personal reading challenge!

Current Goal Total

  • Read 5 Witchy Books – The Modern Guide to Witchcraft
  • Read 5 Self-Help (can include business, health and blogging) –
  • Read 2 Travel Books –
  • Read 2 Mystery books –
  • Read 2 Popular Fiction Books –
  • Read 2 General Fiction from a booksellers recommendation list – All that she can see
  • Read 2 Classics –
  • 20 Books in the genre that I usually like to read – See right here

There are quite a few things to consider. 1) I have been in a Goodreads reading challenge for the last two months, which in turn meant that I read faster than I normally would. 2) I stuck to what I knew and only branched out a little 3) I am now on a book fasting, so I am hacking into my TBR which is a variety of odd books.

What Has Surprised Me?

I felt like I had read more general fiction and popular fiction books. But looking back on my Goodreads shelf, what I thought was general was actually paranormal or fantasy. Since I wasn’t reading PNR it felt like I had taken a big step, but the joke was on me. Taking out the romance doesn’t mean you are reading a completely different genre (DAMN)

What Has Frustrated Me?

I really thought I was getting far, yes I am 4 books ahead of my reading schedule but they are not the right type of books! Ugggh, my biggest fear could possibly come true…that the last 6 months will be me reading lots of different genres (I can get overwhelmed by too many changes!)

What Do I Have Planned Next?

That is the question isn’t? To avoid feeling like reading becomes a chore, I am going to do some heavy research. I will look for classics that are ridiculously long, single out another witchy book (I have an eye on a few). I am a little stumped on the Mystery and Travel sections I have, I would love to hear some recommendations!


Use the tag #2018ReadGoals on twitter or so I can see how your progress is going! Maybe you can give me some tips too!!

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