Monthly Wrap Up – May 2018

May Wrap Up

A big recap this month. A mixture of average reads, arcs and library books that need to get devoured asap!


Still a relatively good reading month. I managed to tick a book of one of my reading goals list (well partly). Sadly I didn’t review all the books on the wayward reviewer, because quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered. It is true, I like to put my thoughts on a book in a post, but as of late I feel like I would be torturing you with my frustrations. The recent books in the PNR world that I have been reading have just been mediocre. Maybe I might increase my reviews but I also don’t want you banging your head against the wall!

You can read my Judgment Road’s review and The Modern Guide to Witchcraft review, and I will give you a run over of the others.

In the Awakening there was so much going on, but not too much to feel overwhelmed. The main characters were pretty cool, Ariella was a force to be reckoned with and the author didn’t stray from that. It was a refreshing read, however, I feel there could have been better character development! Also, I noticed a hole in the storyline that author didn’t come back to, sadly it was something I really wanted to know about.

Grey. Nope. It was ridiculous. I think I keep going back to this series (which I discovered that each book has a different author) due to the book covers.

Lastly The Chosen. Thea Harrison is the Queen of Paranormal Romance Novellas! A sweet little story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading, I still only gave it 3/5 stars as I have read better novellas by her. Though I still would recommend it!

Currently Reading


My Goodreads book club assigned this for the month of May. I am only half way through, though I expect I will finish it soon! But it is enjoyable and I know it won’t end up as a DNF. The style of writing by Talbot is the type that make me read a little bit, put it down and come back to it the next day. It’s not a power read for me.


Unlike previous wrap ups, I am going to make a decision about what I will read in the month of June. The Awakening & In Name Only are both Netgalley reads that I want to finish and I want to pick back up The Muse as its on loan to me by a friends. However, there are my library books that I need to read by the 12th of June. But I have a feeling that a going to get renewed…



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