Monthly Wrap – August 2018

August Wrap

My new addiction to BookBubs has lead me down the book rabbit hole. Predominantly all new authors this month, a mixture of ARC’s and freebies (cheers Amazon vouchers). Plus I discovered a new PNR series which totally made my day.


You can see from the snapshot above that I am still basking in the glory of Historical Romance. However, I did manage to sneak in YA (not my usual cup of tea) and two non-fiction new age books.

My NetGalley list is out of control and my physical books seem to be gathering dust, it is as I feared…I have fallen down the genre book hole! Historical Romance has captivated me, and now all other genres can’t seem to hold my attention! You can read my reviews on Aaru, A Kiss of Shadows and Eternally Bound.

As you know, I don’t always do reviews on every book I read, this is due to falling down genre book holes and not wanting to torture you with only one genre.

Currently Reading

The last few days I haven’t had a chance to sit down and start a new book. Strangely I do not have anything to post in this section?! However, I have decided that this month I am going to hack into my Netgalley list. Therefore all my TBR will be from that list, realistically I want to read around 5 books, but if I can get through more then of course I will not complain!

TBR – NetGalley Edition

This month I aim to read a mixture of Romance, Horror and Contemporary Fiction, all in the hopes that I can get my list down!! I love the look of all of the covers and the descriptions are making me itch to start reading.

So I am off to hack into my list, until the next review!


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