Tales of Love and Woe by Winter Reid

Tales of Woe (1)

A compelling collection of novellas that will leave you feeling a variety of emotions!

Book Synopsis:

Put away your magic wands and pumpkins.
These are not sweet, tender fairy tales.

Four flawed heroines.
Four classic tales of love and woe retold for modern times…
Because there’s never been an easy road to happily ever after.

The Lonely Crow—Surrounded by coyotes and unexpected magic, a heartbroken ornithologist becomes the target of a park ranger’s aggressive affection. To survive, she must trust the instincts that failed her so completely once already.

Goose—After a one-night-stand leaves her belly swollen and reputation in tatters, an unemployed gas-station clerk finds herself at the mercy of her lover’s mother. But if her own troubled childhood taught her anything, it’s that she’ll fight to the death to protect her baby, and that love never comes the way we expect.

Rosie Waking—Following her father’s disappearance, a small-town waitress lives wedged under her boss’s thumb until a stranger forces her to view her life through a different lens. Can she decide, once and for all, where loyalty stops and subservience begins?

De Rege’s Laundry—When a mob boss’s desperate daughter makes a deal with the devil, she doesn’t expect a handsome ex-soldier to muck it all up. Suddenly, the woman who’d sworn to sacrifice anything for freedom must choose between escape and losing the one person who cares about her happiness.

Beautiful and atmospheric, Tales of Love & Woe is 110k word collection exploring modern womanhood through twisted retellings of The Little Mermaid, The Golden Goose and The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, Snow White & Rose Red, and The Twelve Dancing Princesses. While love and kindness are major themes in these stories, the darker sides of human nature are, too. As such, this collection is intended only for a mature audience. After all … fairy tales were meant to be grim.



I am a fan of a good novella. In today’s market, you get such a range of books at our fingers tips that we can become picky at what we read. I have read some pretty lousy novella’s which left me questioning why I picked it up in the first place. However, Reid’s book not only caught my eye but the synopsis was the icing on the cake.

I love the fact that this volume of novellas is made up of 4 strong heroines, who are not afraid to get involved in tough matters. The theme of trusting your own instincts was fabulous. I found the style of writing pleasant to read and the layout of the story so gripping. I devoured each story quickly and was rooting for the heroine the whole way!

An excellent read for anyone wanting to see this author’s flexibility across sub-genres, and a strong female lead. Because honey, there is nothing more empowering than I woman who is confident in herself and willing to help others.

Overall Rating: 5/5

5 Stars


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