My 2018 Reading Goals – The Review

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over! I smashed my 40 book reading goal on Goodreads and managed to step out of my book reading comfort zone (I know most of you can agree with me on liking only certain genres). I thought it was a great idea to review my reading goals for 2018, look at the positives and the negatives. If you have done something similar, tell me via twitter for flick me and email. I would love to hear what you discovered from your 2018 goals. 

2018 Goal Total

What Has Surprised Me?

I have managed to read 2 Self-Help and 2 Witchy books! The beginning of the year was great for me, as I have the mindset to try something new. Also, I was quite happy to discover that I was reading a variety of authors this year. A lot more indie authors, and sub genres of Romance that I never thought I would get into.

What Has Frustrated Me?

I really thought I was getting far, yes I am 4 books ahead of my reading schedule but they are not the right type of books! Ugggh, my biggest fear could possibly come true…I thought I added lots of variety but really it was new authors in my favourite genres.

What Do I Have Planned Next?

I do plan to do a reading goal for 2019. But I think I am going to change the list up, I might include options such as finding new authors. Reading a book from a difference genre and possibly participating in Goodreads group challenges. I want to have more excitement with trying to finish the list, and obtain my 2019 reading goal!

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