A War Within by Katherine Hastings

A great period romance, Katherine Hastings gets me again with a great plot and likable characters. Another hit in my books!

Book Synopsis

Love. Honor. Redemption. 

Auguste never knew love, friendship or family until he found them with his brothers-in-arms when he joined the French Army during WWI. When his past catches up with him he’s forced to flee from his newfound family, taking refuge on a horse farm in the French countryside. 

While he fights to redeem himself, he finds the one thing his training didn’t prepare him for… the one thing he never knew he wanted. 


Isabelle is intrigued by the mysterious new hand on her family’s horse farm. Their chemistry is undeniable but something is holding him back.

Is it possible she can break down the barriers surrounding his heart? Can she ever forgive him if she discovers the dark secret threatening to tear them apart?

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I was a little slow at picking up this book. My reading slump has been going on for a few months now, thanks to having to find a new place to live and switching into a new role at work. However, I finished a War Within in 2 days. It was exactly what I needed in a historical romance, Katherine’s research shone through and I felt like I was transported back to WWII in France. 

I loved the chemistry between Auguste and Isabelle was electric. I do prefer a slow build, however, their instant chemistry was enjoyable. Auguste was the quiet stock hero and Isabelle, the feisty woman who was a strong horsewoman. It was a real treat to read this and I would recommend this as a holiday read!

Overall, a great Historical Romance. Filled with interesting dialogues, main plot suspense and sweet romance between two interesting characters.

Rating: 5/5

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