Lurking in the Woods by Anne Stryker

After reading the preview of this book, I was really looking forward to enjoying it as a summer read.

Book Synopsis

Bryn Kolt can’t seem to stay put—or perhaps she can’t seem to find what she’s looking for. Traveling the country ever since cancer took her mother five years ago, Bryn has yet to fill the ache death left behind.

When her grandmother wills her a cabin, she isn’t expecting to discover the old woman’s ramblings about magic are true. But sure enough, Rhyeos, a shadow wolf guardian, enters her life as casually as if he had always been there, bringing with him the promise of adventure.

Soon there’s more for Bryn to dwell on than the flirty Guardian of the Forest’s advances, however. Somewhere deep in the magical world Beyond a villain known as The Beast threatens to tip the balance toward darkness. What’s worse? He wants to meet her.


Unfortunately, I did find it a bit of a struggle to read. The story-line does lend itself to being a interesting read, however the characters needed development and the continuance was a bit choppy.
The story jumps into high gear in Chapter 2, when the Bryn meets Rhyeos, him having approached her grandmothers cabin. Whilst I think there would be great chemistry between the two, it seemed rather forced and it didn’t evolve naturally. Rather she was told she had to like him, so therefore she did.

The split between the worlds was very interesting, but again, it was rather back and forth between them, and it created confusion. I found myself having to re-read a chapter to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

Personally, I think with a bit of a review, this has the potential to be an amazing book, and with that a great series to follow. I encourage the Author to continue working with this!

Rating: 3/5

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