My 2019 Reading Goals

I finally got around to writing this! Currently I have little to no internet at my house as I move the first week of the year, and we all know the bloody internet takes forever to be connected!!

Like last years Reading Goals, my list is made up of genres that I would like to read more of/or should try. Upon reviewing 2018, I saw that I might have stretched myself too far. My Goodreads goal is 50 books this year (up from 10 last year). Instead of doing half of the books that are out of my comfort zone and decided to do a third.

This year is going to be very busy for me, and I really want to achieve this goal (and enjoy it). Challenges need to have an element of enjoyment, otherwise no one ever finishes them!!

So what I have decided on is the following:

  • Read 2 Tarot Books
  • Read 3 Self Help Books
  • Read 4 General Fiction
  • Read 1 Classic
  • Read 30 Books in any genre I like

Yes, it is simplified. But you know what I know it is perfect for me! What I would like to achieve is to review all 50 books read. I want to give you the reader the opportunity to see what I have come across. The are plenty of amazing books out there, but there are also some shockers (which should be brought to light).

Come on 2019!

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