Class of 1983 by Victoria Maxwell

A time travel YA book, that made me smile, remanence and admire the woman wore wrote it. I highly recommend you check this book out!

Book Synopsis

When Magz finds an old key in a dusty old high school yearbook, she hardly expects it to open up a time travel portal in the school’s book room that sends her back in time to 1983.

But she soon finds out that time travelling is not all record shopping, pizza parties and puffy prom dresses.
Falling head over vintage heels in love with Sammy Ruthven, the raddest guy in the class of 1983, Magz must find a way to change his future if she has any chance of being with him in the past.

But can you really change destiny? And what if your destiny has already happened? How do you change it then?

Like a Twilight versus Back to the Future dance off directed by John Hughes, Class of 1983 is Victoria Maxwell’s debut Young Adult novel about escaping persecution, falling in first love, friendship, destiny and free will.


I didn’t know what to expect when I order Victoria’s book. Being a fan of her business – New Age Hipster, I felt like the book would definitely have some elements that I would love. For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you all know that I am a lover of PNR and Fantasy. YA never really appealed to me. I think this may have been due to some of the content made me feel old (and not in a good way).

But I digress…

Class of 1983 really spoke to me on many levels. Firstly, the story-line had a good pace, you learn quickly about Magz and her current situation. Her friends and her enemies, her likes and dislikes. There is something about the main character I could sympathise with, I also loved her passion for the old. I won’t go too much further into the plot as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

The character building is well thought out and presented well. You can picture the characters in your mind and get a quick impression about who they are as people. I loved the magical elements of this book, and I also enjoyed the sweet first love story-line. You can tell Victoria has put a lot of time and effort into characters with well-rounded personalities.

There were no bad points for me in this book. It was edited to perfection, a good beginning, middle and end. Plus it left me wanting more!

Overall, a great first novel! Highly recommend, worth a read!!

Rating: 5/5

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