A Lady in Hiding by Amy Corwin

A dramatic story of an orphan called Sarah who has been hiding in London as a boy call Sam, however, when she starts on a new job site all hell breaks loose.

Book Synopsis

A tragic case of arson sends Sarah into hiding to escape the terrible fate of her family. She works as a common laborer, and is safe for thirteen years, until she receives an ominous note. Despite her disguise, the killer has caught up with her, and she is once again in danger from a man determined to silence all echoes from the past.

William, an inquiry agent, is consumed with curiosity when he meets Sarah and hears about her case. And one look into her gray eyes has him hooked. Even though the evidence is scanty after so many years, he vows to assist her, unaware how events will challenge him both as a man of honor and as an investigator.

When a second attempt is made on Sarah’s life, William is forced to follow a treacherous path through the twisted, dark past. And his growing attraction to the independent woman proves just as dangerous. He needs a clear head to sift through the ashes of the old tragedy, with its hints of corruption reaching into the highest levels of Society. Above all, he must protect Sarah, regardless of personal cost.

Love must find a way to bring the two together and thwart a desperate arsonist, or the last survivor of the long-ago fire will die.


I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this book. Usually with Historical Romances (HR) I lean toward ones about Dukes, Earl’s etc. The first thing I noticed about this story is that it was well thought out, not as predictable as some HR. The main character Sarah, was witty and well adapted to acting as a boy. I really liked the mystery behind the storyline, a who did it style story. The hero I confess didn’t have as much backstory as I would have liked, but overall I did enjoy him as a character. The only reason I didn’t give it full marks was because I felt the ending was rushed. If you have read this book before or will do after my review, then please tell me your thoughts about the ending below! I want to see if I am not the only one.

Rating: 4/5

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