An Unexpected Gentlemen by Alissa Johnson

A dramatic story of an orphan called Sarah who has been hiding in London as a boy call Sam, however, when she starts on a new job site all hell breaks loose.

Book Synopsis

Adelaide Ward has but one goal- to obtain an offer of marriage from the respectable, if less-than-appealing, baron Sir Robert Maxwell before her family is ruined. But it’s the devilishly handsome Connor Brice who captures her imagination- and a kiss in broad daylight- in front of a dozen members of the ton. Now Adelaide must decide if the charming scoundrel who stole away her reputation might still be trusted with her heart.

Connor Brice seeks a long overdue revenge on the baron. And what better way to launch his campaign than to steal the lovely Miss Ward for his own? A quick “compromising” and an even quicker wedding ought to do. But if Connor wants to establish any sort of domestic tranquility, he’ll have to regain Adelaide’s trust and choose what means more to him- his thirst for vengeance or his need for Adelaide.


This book really started off with punch, I was a little afraid that the story would fizzle out but it didn’t luckily. I confess I wasn’t afraid of Adelaide’s name at the beginning but she grew on me as I read. Adelaide is a refreshing character in a genre that has been saturated with ladies in dire situations, she know what she needs to do in order to get out of a tough situation. Strategic and sensible Adelaide brought toughness and smarts to any situation.

The story line was good, Johnson feed you the main characters backstories with flair and mystery. I was entertained and touched by the way Adelaide and Connor bashed heads but also compromised like any healthy relationship. The only criticism is I would have liked to have had a epilogue of Adelaide and Connor, it would have wrapped up the story really nicely.

Rating: 4/5

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