A Subtle Agency by Graeme Rodaughan

The first instalment of the Metaframe War, this fast paced novel kept me second guessing.


“Imagine if you could change the rules of the game, what rules would you choose?”

Witness to a brutal murder, eighteen year old Anton Slayne is inducted by the mysterious Mr Wu into the secret society of vampire hunters, the Order of Thoth. He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters, determined Boston police detectives, and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic vampire general, Chloe Armitage.

Heir to a legacy of extraordinary powers, Anton joins a team of hunters, but that is no guarantee of survival against the most powerful vampires in the world, especially when they’re equipped with the latest available technology and super weapons.


An escape into a world that has a secret war happening between The Vampire Dominion,The Order of Thoth, and The Red Empire.

Graeme outlines the key characters beautifully, and makes it very easy to follow their backgrounds. As side players get introduced over time, you do begin to wonder, were they not there from the very start?

The story moves along at a great pace, and grips you into its pages. Watching Anton go through changes both mentally and physically, and how rapidly keeps you reading.

I look forward to the next installment of the series in, The Metaframe War

Rating: 4/5

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