The Dragon’s Den by Graeme Rodaughan

The third instalment by Graeme Rodaughan had me gripped! Late night reading was essential to get through this fantastic book.

Book Synopsis

“Imagine if you could change the rules of the game, what rules would you choose?”

IT’S A TRAP! – Anton Slayne knows it’s a trap. One laid for him by his most powerful opponent – Chloe Armitage, rogue general of the Vampire Dominion.

The chase is on. Agents of the Red Empire and the Vampire Dominion have abducted Ramin Kain, the Head of the Order of Thoth. Anton and the Mirovar force team are the only ones in a position to act. They know Ramin is bait, but have to rescue him before he’s forced to reveal everything he knows to the Order’s sworn enemies.

Will Anton and his friends in the Mirovar force team rescue Ramin Kain, or will Chloe Armitage discover the secrets of the Order of Thoth, destroy the Mirovar force team, and enslave Anton to her will?


The third book in “The Metaframe War” series, picks up with the team making their way to the UK, albeit into a trap, and they know it.

It seem’s the some of the sides are playing with each other, without anyone else know. Why have they combined forces? Don’t they have opposing views?

Graeme get’s a lot more technical in this book, describing Military tactics and weaponry, far beyond the scope of a layman. To be honest, there were some scenes I did skip through as they did get overly descriptive and it caused me to lost interest in the story itself. Whilst some may enjoy it, I myself didn’t.

The third book was really hard to put down, and I found myself reading it until the early hours of the morning.

The fourth book in the series is “The Day Guard” which i am seriously looking forward to reading.

Rating: 4/5

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