Book Log – 13th July 2020

Welcome to another edition of Book Log. It’s been awhile since I have done one, so why not do one now? If you haven’t read my Book Log before, it is similar to WWW where I talk about what I have been reading and what I plan to read. It might evolve in the future but currently this is the format.

So with out any further or do.

Currently Reading

I have been slowly making my way through this book. Heart wrenching and written so eloquently, this autobiography has already left an impression on me.

Recently Finished

June and July have been some productive reading seasons, I got an ARC for May Day, Bringing Down the Duke as a birthday present and I brought Miss Austen as a gift to myself. All distinctively different and all a pleasure to read, I am picking another series by Josie Jaffrey shortly and I have put Evie Dunmore and Gill Hornby down as authors to try out in the future.

Reflecting on my current reading list, I do laugh at how life throws curve balls. I didn’t want to set a goal with what I want to read this year, and reduced the total amount of books I predicted to have read by the end of 2020 – in anticipation of being super busy.

Oh, how the tables have turned, I am reading more non-fiction (which was previous goal). Also, I am not just falling completely down the PNR or Historical Romance rabbit hole, there is variety in what I am reading. Which quite honestly shocks me a little, but I am happy to have naturally sort out different books.

Till next time


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