Beyond the Veil by Stephanie Summers

A new spin on Sleeping Beauty from the male perspective, definitely an interesting read.

Book Synopsis

Delia Adams has been given her first mission as a slayer, a task she’s not sure she’s ready for. Liam, the vampire king of Velum Mortis, has been sleeping these past twenty years and hidden away from his people, thanks to the slayers and a curse placed upon him by a witch.

When Delia is sent to kill the king, she doesn’t have to wonder how to find him. She knows exactly where he is, thanks to the nagging force that has beckoned her to the cemetery where he sleeps time and time again.

Desperate to prove herself, she prepares to shove her sword through his heart, ending him and claiming her first victory.

She’s a slayer. He’s a vampire. It’s her duty to kill him…

So then why is the urge to abandon her mission and kiss him so damn strong?


*please be aware there are spoilers in this review*

I really liked the plot, a vampire king with a sleeping beauty element. I thought Summers did a great job of describing the world and what it meant to be a slayer versus what it means to be a vampire.

A well paced story, I enjoyed the banter between the two MCs and I do prefer the character POV can change from chapter to chapter – which Summers did.

My only issue was the romance. Traditionally any romance novel starts the intimate scenes usually around the the half way mark, thus giving enough time for the reader to know the MC’s and see their connection build. Summers did a great job of building the sexual tension between the MC’s, however, she did leave the intimate scene to the last chapter.

Personal preference really, but it did feel like a light romance all the way till the last chapter where it turned into almost erotica. The lack of consistency is what got me with this.

Overall, an interesting read with rounded characters. Just the romance needed to be streamlined more.

Rating: 3/5

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