Dead Reckoning: Grave Intentions by Aedyn Brooks

A fun tale of a Yorkshire lass who moves to London to start her own gardening business, only to get swept up into a glamorous world where she has no clue how to act.

Book Synopsis

The dead deserve justice…

When psychic medium Joni Smith encounters a pesky ghost in an antique store, she triggers attention from the wrong people. She should have thought twice before jumping the fence past the no trespassing signs, and she shouldn’t have dug up the ghost’s bones to retrieve a locket either, but Joni wants lost souls to find peace. Sometimes taking risks are worth damning the consequences.

So do the living…

Newbie detective and paranormal skeptic, Zeke Gregson isn’t quite sure what to make of Joni digging up a grave in the backwoods of his neighbor’s property. She won’t hand over whatever she stole from the grave, and she won’t answer his questions. He has no choice but to bring her in for questioning because someone is killing women in Pendleton County. If Joni isn’t the murderer, she might be the key that leads him to who is.

A secret society…

As Zeke and Joni comb through evidence, they soon realize they are in over their heads. Before another woman dies, they must lean on each other’s skills in order to get justice.

A secret desire…

Trust doesn’t come easy for either of them, but as they fight for their lives, racing against the clock to stop the killer, they may discover something neither realized they were searching for…love.


*Non Spoiler Review*

Wow, what a punchy Paranormal Romance!

I loved the MC Joni, she was not afraid to wear her vulnerability on her sleeve. To me it still make her powerful and engaging. Zeke was your classic good guy, who luckily still has some elements to him that make him a believable character. There is always a danger in some PNRs where the MC’s turnout to be this too good to be true character. Whereas Brooks manages to make them both quite relatable – #winning

The setting is Pendleton County as small place that is quite backwards in its way of thinking, I thought Brooks did a fantastic job weaving supernatural, suspense and romance into the storyline. The overarching story was good and I found myself wanting to know more about the supporting characters, which is always good because it gives a writer the chance to do separate books on them.

Overall, very happy with the story. I would have liked to have know a little more on Joni’s background, but I guess that is being saved for the next book.

Rating: 4/5

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