Book Log – 6th of January 2021

This is a book log of what I have been reading, what I plan to read and any thoughts I have during that time. If this sounds right up your alley please use this concept and tag me so I can come read your log!

Currently Reading

Well I am off to a good start this year with my TBR year goals, the one thing I like about this goal is that I am discovering books I didn’t even realised I had. Also, damn, I have a lot of unread books on my kindle haha.

Now, onto what I am currently reading/reading next.

At the moment I am tossing up which book to start below, I might start both depending on time. I brought The Women at Hitler’s Table around my birthday (which is in June), so I think I might start with that one.

Recently Finished

I finished Circe in 2 days and The Runaway Princess in 1 day. (All reviews are hyperlinked on the title). It was so good to fall under the spell of a good book, Circe was an eye opening read and wonderful story based on the mythology of the Goddess Circe.

Next I read The Runaway Princess as an offset to such a powerful story of Circe, I loved the Runaway Bride an easy fun read about a Gardner from Yorkshire falling for a prince (without knowing it).

What are you currently reading?

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