Peyton’s End by Josie Jaffrey

Book Synopsis

A friend is for life, not just for the holidays.
The Larsons are getting away from it all, to a cottage they’ve rented on the Devon coast. With them is their daughter Gemma, a reluctant twelve-year-old who’d rather be playing Animal Crossing than sitting on the beach with her boring parents.
But then Mr Larson discovers the troubled history of their cliffside cottage and things start to get interesting.
Gemma is about to make a friend.


*Non Spoiler Review*

I never really gravitate towards short stories usually, but this ARC was given to me for an honest review.

You meet Gemma a young girl on holiday in the Devon coast, she is embarrassed to be around her social climbing parents who on holiday must get to know everyone! But then one day while Gemma was on a walk near the cliffs at the cottage where they were staying she meets a young girl called Toni.

This story didn’t feel that spooky until towards the end of the book, even though I am in my 30’s I felt I could relate to Gemma’s frustrations with her parents when I was her age. I loved the way Jaffrey described the Devon coast, I could easily visualise a place where the family were staying. It had a good pace and I felt like I knew the main character quite well by the time I finished a book. Which I think some short stories can struggle with at times.

Overall, A wonderful little story to sink your teeth into on a Sunday afternoon.

Rating: 5/5

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