Book Log – 2nd August 2021

This is a book log of what I have been reading, what I plan to read and any thoughts I have during that time. If this sounds right up your alley please use this concept and tag me so I can come read your log!

Happy August my fellow readers. How has your Summer or Autumn been? I did a little camping trip in June, but otherwise I have been home based and it will look it will stay that way until the end of Summer. Lately I have been reading a better variety of books which I am impressed with myself about. Thanks to the A Box of Stories book subscription, I have stepped out of my comfort zone.

Currently Reading

A book I got of a Facebook group as the lady need to sell her books in order to pay for a horrendous phone bill she received (poor love). Currently I am intrigued by the storyline, I noticed that the author is coming from three different points of view. Quite a hefty book coming in at 608 pages! As I am not obsessed and readying it everyday this will probably take me awhile.

Recently Finished

Thanks to a box of stories I finished two different books from the mystery genre, A tapping at my boor and eyes like mine. I haven’t reviewed them here on the blog, but maybe I might do one later in the month. I was presently surprised that I liked the mystery ones, I did prefer A tapping at my door compared to Eyes like Mine. Only because I preferred the who done it theme in tapping. Peyton’s End was an ARC ghost story that I really enjoyed, something I usually don’t read but I loved how Jaffrey gave a sneaky twist to it. Lastly there was the Last Guard by Nalini Singh – favourite author of all time, just go read it if you are a fan of PNR.

That is it for now, I don’t have anything lined up after Country Lovers, only because I know that I will be taking my time with this. But as some of you know I have a huge TBR which I am sure I will find another book once I have finished this one.

Till next time.

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