#Goodreadance2021 – My end of year book goals

My book plans for the rest of 2021, thanks to Kristin Kraves Books for posting about this and for Shut Up Shealea for creating this challenge.

Why am I doing this challenge?

Well, in the last few month I feel like my physical and virtual book hoarding has gotten out of control. I know that there are book in here that I will never read, it is therefore taking up necessary space physically, virtually and spiritually.

1. Remove Books I Am No Longer Interested In From My Goodreads TBR

It’s time to refresh the TBR, my tastes have changed since I joined Goodreads back in 2012…geez I have been on GR for that long?! I also know that looking through my TBR I will probably see books I have read but haven’t added to GR or that there is a book I had forgotten about and want to read.

2. Unhaul Physical Books I Am No Longer Interested In

I currently have a very small bookcase (disaster really), but I really want to achieve what will probably be the most outrageous thing. I want to have read all the books on my bookshelf! I know, I know, is that even really possible?! So I am going to aim to unhaul physical books that I haven’t read or I won’t read again. 6 months ago I could have told you I don’t have many physical books, but in the last 3 months I have made that statement untrue.

3. Declutter my Kindle

I am a hoarding of free kindle books, I am guarantee there are hundreds on there and to honest I know I will never read them all. So I am going to unhaul as many as I can, but looking at the ratings on GR because if I am not hooked by the synopsis then the rating will help me make my decision.

4. Create a TBR spreadsheet

Ok, in my defense I used to have one but then the great reading slump of 2019/2020 meant that I stopped using a spreadsheet. What I am thinking of doing to make it more interactive for myself is creating a reading bullet journal, I feel down the YouTube rabbit hole with bullet journaling and I feel this will help me with my TBR!

Will you join in shaping up your shelves to finish off 2021 on a new page?

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