Mini Autumn Book Haul

I decided to deep dive into my bookcase and pull out some books for this coming Autumn (I follow the belief that Autumn starts on the Equinox which is the 22nd September). Rather than go out and buy books specifically for Autumn I wanted to see what I already had in stock!

The books I picked were a mixture of thriller, gothic, paranormal and I also snuck in some poetry to change things up. It was really fun looking through my collection, I also realised I don’t own as many Autumnal based books as I thought I might! But really what would you define as Autumnal? Based around the season, does it have some sort of ghost element? Or is it something you could imagine reading wrapped up in a big old fluffy blanket?

I put up on YouTube the books I pulled out!

Here are the books I spoke about (please note I do use affiliate links):

Furies –

The Historian –

Merrick –

The Maidens –

Witch Born –

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