My Top 5 Regency Romance Book Series

It has been a while since I did a top 5. This list is based on my favourite Regence Romance series. Over the last 2 years, I slowly switched from regularly reading Paranormal Romance to Regency Romance.

So counting down to 1, here are my Top 5 Regency series.

5. The Dukes War Series by Erica Ridley

A lively regency series, Ridley’s strong female MC’s is what attracted me to her series. Refreshing storylines that still hold the quality of the regency era, most of the main characters are war heroes so there are similarities in main character backgrounds, which makes it easy to read one book after another. A great start if you are wanting to try out regency romances.

4. Regency Heart Series by Jennifer Monroe

It is a fantastic series that got me hooked in the first few chapters. These punchy regency romances have a gothic vibe to them, I love the antagonist in this story as they are quite villainous (if you like that sort of thing). I appreciate that this is only a trilogy at the moment, to me this was the right balance and one of the reasons it’s in my top five. Monroe has a way of writing that captivates you.

3. Rouge & Gentlemen Series by Emma V Leech

The first book in the series “The Rogue” was fantastic. Leech knows how to give you a thrilling story, blackmail, romance and pirates…who wouldn’t be interested? You can get away with not reading the books in order, Leech gives enough background in each book so you don’t get lost with the side stories. Well rounded characters and a strong storyline that keeps you hooked throughout.

2. Sinclair and Raven Series by Wendy Vella

I stumbled across Vella through a podcast she hosts with other New Zealand authors, I really enjoyed hearing the process behind creating a story. What I love about the Sinclair and Raven series is the slight mysticism there is throughout all of the books. You can read them out of order because there is always a little history intertwined, some people said they had struggled out of order but I didn’t. I like the variety of main character personalities throughout the series, the situations the characters ended up in. Also, the reason the character end up together does make me smile. Have I piqued your interest?

1. Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn

Controversially, I am not a fan of the tv series…I loved that they wanted to have it slightly modernised, but I could handle the change to the storylines. Sorry! I fell in love with the Bridgerton series back in 2017, my flatmate at the time lent me her library copy of the Duke and I. Then what’s that saying? Oh yes, the rest is history. Quinn has a fantastic ability of bringing the main characters to life, they are really well rounded and the scenarios throughout each stories are great!

Do you agree with my Top 5? Are there any regency romances that you think I should try? Let me know in the comments below!

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