Book Log – June 2022

This is a book log of what I read over April, May & June. Usually, I do this monthly, but situations change – I know many of you can relate! Prewarning, this is going to be a lengthy post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Welcome to summer my lovelies, what a Spring it has been! I joined a readathon for the first time, which took me a while to navigate but I really got into it. I have managed to do a fair bit of travelling, do two jobs and not fall too far behind on my reading goal – which is really my main focus wouldn’t you agree?

I have started using a variety of book tracking apps, I felt it was time to boost my book system – plus I was inspired by fellow booktubers stat round-ups. So currently I use Storygraph, GoodReads and an excel spreadsheet to house all my book information. Is it a little excessive? Yes, does it bother me? No. I find now I can see clearly what genres I am gravitating towards. While I used to have just GoodReads, having Storygraph has helped make me realise that I am not longer dislike YA!?! If you follow my blog you will know that I usually caveat some book reviews by saying I am not a YA fan, but after reviewing my Storygraph I guess I cannot say that anymore…

But now I digress, you really want to know what I have been reading over the last few months!


April was a really good month for me in regards to my TBR, I enjoyed A River Enchanted, Ariadne and Hill House Living. however, I was not that impressed with Days of Blood and Starlight and Graceling. Also, this was my first non-fiction book of the year – better late than never I guess.


May was a complete failure for me as I was working two jobs and didn’t have the energy to actually read. I was quite hesitant with The Beautiful as the MCs were quite young (from memory 16/17), however, it managed to keep me interested and I came quite invested in the book. Midst of Shadows was utter shite for me.


June was my best month of the year so far! I thoroughly enjoyed all the books I read, Vespertine and Only a Monster were surprise favourites. But you can see more in my video below about my thoughts!


Sadly there was a DNF over the last few months, I didn’t appreciate how the book was written it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting and it left me feeling a little deflated…

What books did you end up reading for the month of June?

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