Victor – A.K.Michaels


A classic short PNR novel to get your blood boiling.

Victor Book Synopsis:

Victor Strong, ancient Vampire and hard-as-nails businessman, has enjoyed centuries in the human world by following one simple rule: Keep a steely control over your dark side. Then it comes, like a thief in the night, overtaking him mind, body, and soul… a strange, unexplainable ‘Thirst’ that not even he could deny. 

With the craving for blood, and other darker, more enticing desires, rapidly growing out of control, Victor suddenly fears not only for his sanity, but his very life. 

Holding on by a thin, unraveling thread, Victor is pulled from the brink of madness by a sweet, tantalizing aroma. So hypnotized by the scent, he is forced to find its owner, compelled to find the most elusive of all things; a mere myth among his kind. The Vampire’s Bloods-Mate.

Can he reach her in time? Can she save him from himself? Or will Victor be lost to his dark side forever? 

The hunt is on. The battle fierce. Only the strongest survive A Vampire’s Thirst!

This is the first time I am at a loss. Usually, the PNR book I choose to read are well received, plus I typically agree with the rating. However, for this review, I almost feel like I am going against the grain.

Victor, the male lead, is your classic alpha male. Dominant, brooding and downright sexy as sin. He is an ancient Vampire who for most of his life has been in control of his bloodlust and sexual desires. Until he smelt her.

Kimber, the female lead, is a young shifter on the run from people who want her for her Dragon blood. She is young, confident in her abilities and won’t let anyone push her around.

I will try my best to be fair. The issues I had with the book were that it is short and the storyline felt quite rushed. Which when I look back is the whole reason the novel felt out of sync for me.  The connection between the two characters was too instant for me; there wasn’t enough slow burn. You hardly learn about the world as the story kept jumping around.

I did like Victor and his bestie Flint; there were some good moments between them. The world does sound interesting; there are mentions of elves, faes and werewolves. I could see a lot of potential with this book. In the end, it just needed more time to brew.

I will persevere with the next book as overall it was still a good PNR read.

Rating: 3/5

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