Fury of a Highland Dragon – Coreene Callahan

Fury of a Highland

A step in the right direction for a PNR novella. However, there is room for so much more!

Fury of a Highland Dragon Book Synopsis:

Trapped by a future she refuses to face…

Accused of cyber espionage by the United States government, ethical hacker Ivy Macpherson is now on the FBI’s most wanted list. Out of options, she runs, desperate for time to prove her innocence. When fate takes an unexpected turn, bringing her face-to-face with Tydrin, she must decide – trust a man more dangerous than the hunters on her trail to keep her safe. Or risk capture by a covert agency, well known for ruthlessness…

Condemned by a past he doesn’t want to remember…

Cursed with a terrible temper, Scottish dragon-warrior Tydrin struggles to atone for a mistake that took innocent lives. Unable to forgive himself, he returns to the scene of his crime in hopes of finding absolution, but discovers a woman in need of his help instead. Intervening in the nick of time, he whisks Ivy to safety, only to realise the daughter, of the family he wronged, is the one destined to steal his heart!

The one thing I love about novellas is that you can consume them in one day. Though, the catch is that the author needs to jam in an intriguing plot and fast-paced character development. I know it can be down as other PNR authors have become quite the masters at it. But it is a balancing act to get it on the mark.

So least to stay I had some decent expectations.

I didn’t hate the story of Ivy and Tydrin. I found it quite endearing; I liked how he treated with respect and care. Plus he listened to wishes and didn’t break her trust. But what gets me is that their story was the only substance of the book.

For example, Callahan glazes over Ivy’s life. We know she was an ex FBI agent who ended up being the patsy’s for her bosses criminal activity and that is it! There is no expansion of her past life as an FBI agent, and if there was, I didn’t find it memorable. I also found it frustrating that she acquired the evidence for a case to put against her old boss, without a single description of what it was and how it would nail him.

Tydrin’s history is also skimmed over. You learn a little bit about his comrades, but again it’s all quite vague that it didn’t leave a memorable impression.

Overall the story had a lot of potential; it just needed to be bulked out a bit.

Rating: 3/5

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