Beauty of the Beast – Rachel L. Demeter

Beauty of the Beast

A retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast, mixed with historical romance. Definitely an adult read that will leave you completely enthralled.

Beauty of the Beast Book Synopsis:

Experience the world’s most enchanting and timeless love story—retold with a dark and realistic twist.


Reclusive and severely scarred Prince Adam Delacroix has remained hidden inside a secluded, decrepit castle ever since he witnessed his family’s brutal massacre. Cloaked in shadow, with only the lamentations of past ghosts for company, he has abandoned all hope, allowing the world to believe he died on that tragic eve twenty-five years ago.


Caught in a fierce snowstorm, beautiful and strong-willed Isabelle Rose seeks shelter at a castle—unaware that its beastly and disfigured master is much more than he appears to be. When he imprisons her gravely ill and blind father, she bravely offers herself in his place.


Stripped of his emotional defenses, Adam’s humanity reawakens as he encounters a kindred soul in Isabelle. Together they will wade through darkness and discover beauty and passion in the most unlikely of places. But when a monster from Isabelle’s former life threatens their new love, Demrov’s forgotten prince must emerge from his shadows and face the world once more…

Perfect for fans of Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera, Beauty of the Beast brings a familiar and well-loved fairy tale to life with a rich setting in the kingdom of Demrov and a captivating, Gothic voice.

Disclaimer: This is an edgy, historical romance retelling of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. Due to strong sexual content, profanity, and dark subject matter, including an instance of sexual assault committed by the villain, Beauty of the Beast is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Beauty of the Beast is a slow-burn romance that features a descriptive, richly detailed, and atmospheric writing style.

I consumed this book in under two days. That’s how good it was! Demeter’s storytelling got me hook line and sinker.

The way she describes Adam (a burn survivor) creating multiple caveats to his personality, can only be described as phenomenal. Isabelle is a courageous woman, who after experiencing a traumatic event. Stands by her morals and belief that there’s still kindness in the world.

The love story was epic. I could vividly imagine the whole plot and whats more you end up cheering for the duo. 

My only complaint (and I know other viewers feel the same) is that the rape scene made me feel uncomfortable. I think it could have been written another way, it felt too in your face. I don’t condemn Demeter for writing it; I believe it is an essential element to her story. It just needed a bit of rewording.

Overall, I know that this book is going to be a re-read later on down the track because all good books need to be read more than once!

Rating: 4/5

4 Stars

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