Dead Sexy by Lulu M. Sylvian

An quirky PNR novel that had me laughing out loud at the stories antics!

Book Synopsis

Medical illustrator Gillian Denver has a unique talent, and it’s not her ability to depict the systems of the body accurately and artistically. She can talk to spirits, only she doesn’t realize it.

Peter Keith, a one-time TV sitcom star whose career dissolved from A-lister hunk, to out of shape, straight-to-cable-movie D-lister has a problem. Peter regrets decisions he made in his life and would like a do-over. He convinces Gillian to help him. One little problem, Peter is dead.

Thinking it’s her overactive imagination causing her reoccurring dreams about Peter to spill into daylight hours, Gillian finds herself talking to him while she works. Together they begin to recreate Peter’s life by writing a book the way he wishes things had worked out. Gillian is not fully convinced that Peter is anything more than something she made up, a glorified imaginary friend, a new muse.

Gillian’s feelings for Peter complicate her relationships with the living. She is afraid the love she has for Peter will never be enough because she cannot give him what he really needs: a resolution to the life he wasn’t ready to leave.

PUBLICATION DATE: August 13th 2019




A refreshing PNR that had me laughing out loud and sympathising with the main character (MC). I confess I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this book, what I didn’t expect was to love the sweet storyline that Sylvian created.

Gillian has always been in touch with the spirit side, but she has always brush it off. It wasn’t until B-sitcom star Peter Keith appears one day, and the rest I have to say is history.

The story was spritely, I felt I got to understand the MC’s personalities and was able to feel connect in someway. The supporting characters were sassy and sweet, I particularly loved Gillian’s roommate Mike. I wish I could have a roomy like that!

Now I am a PNR enthusiast, so I felt it was a little light on supernatural or Paranormal. But that is just me, I am used to different universes. However, this is still PNR, a little ghost action should never be snubbed.

Overall, a great novel. So if you are in the market for a steamy ghost PNR then this is your cup of tea!

Rating: 5/5

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