Series Discovery: Author Emma V Leech

This post topic came to me the other day while I was devouring the 3rd book by Emma V Leech. Rather than put up individual book review after individual book review of the same author, why not do one big post with smaller reviews. That way if you (my lovely reader), like my summaries about the books I have read. It will entice you to go read said series/author.

I am the type of reader that once I get into one book in a series, I think go and devour every book in that series that I can get my grubby little hands on.

So for my first Author Discovery post, I am going to introduce you to Emma V Leech. I will showcase the books I have read in her series Rouges and Gentleman. While Leech has multiple series, the Rogues and Gentlemen will be the one I cover. In the future if I read her other series I might also review them too.

The beauty about this series is you can read it out of order. Which I love! I have been guilty of not checking what number a book is in a series and the feeling very confused about who is who. I have read book one, two, ten and sixteen. As a historical romance series, Leech provides a good mix of tension, story and pace. There is a tendency for historical romance to be quite predictable, which I have come to realise I don’t really mind. Yet, each book I have read has kept me intrigued about what the outcome would be.

Book One: The Rogue

A story about blackmail, secrets, pirates and desperation. From the reviews I have read, some reviewers found this story to be a little bit choppy. Yes, it was quite modern in the aspect that the heroine tried to blackmail a pirate in order for her to avoid getting married. But I found it charming and refreshing, the plot twist was great and it was what got me into this series.

Book Two: The Earl’s Temptation

I could tell that Leech had grown in confidence in this next book. She brought in a French heroine, stronger main characters and a captivating storyline. There were times that I would get frustrated with Lord Falmouth’s attitude, but it did enhance the emotions of the story. Funny enough Lord Falmouth is my favourite hero/main male character in the whole series.

Book Ten: Flaming June

This is my favourite book in the whole series. I loved the personal growth in the main heroine and the way Leech built up the romantic suspense between the two MC’s. The supporting characters were just as wonderful and I really liked how Leech touched on mental health issue in that era. If you only read one book in the entire series, then I would recommend Flaming June!

Book Sixteen: The Scent of Scandal

An adventurous book about a woman who has received a strange request from an Uncle. I liked the fact that it was based in Scotland, also the hero’s accent is described well in the story. Like all of the Rogue and Gentlemen books, the storyline is well paced, the characters are likeable which makes it a great read. Even at book number 16 Leech still have that flavour I loved from the first few novels.


Overall the variety of stories throughout this series is vast, from smugglers to dukes. There is crime, betrayal, love and some good steamy parts. Leech has a knack for creating wonderful storylines, developing sound characters and really just giving you a get historical romance to read. Highly recommend!

Prices for the ebooks are around £3 or if you want the paperback that will cost you about £12. If you have Kindle Unlimited then you can access the whole series there. I haven’t checked on other platforms, but I can assume that the ebooks would be between the £3-4 mark.

So that is it! My first series discovery, I hope you liked it and prefer this kind of setup. Links to the books can be found by clicking on the title.

Till next time lovelies.

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