My Reading Goals 2019 – Check in

Well I definitely missed the boat on the six monthly review of my reading goals! But hey no one is perfect right…

So a quick recap on what My Reading Goals for 2019 were:

  • Read 2 Tarot Books
  • Read 3 Self Help Books
  • Read 4 General Fiction
  • Read 1 Classic
  • Read 30 Books in any genre I like

Sadly looking over my current number of books read (26), I knew I wouldn’t make the 50 book deadline by the 31st of December. Therefore I have been honest with myself and changed the goal from 50 to 40 books this year.

So my current goal is looking like this:

  • Read 1 Tarot Books
  • Read 2 Self Help Books
  • Read 2 General Fiction
  • Read 1 Classic
  • Read 34 Books in any genre I like

I don’t see why we cannot adjust the goal post a little? I am keeping every category I set, which I the best possible wiggle room in this scenario. This goal was set with a positive mindset and shall remain a goal that I look forward to completing.

The current hurdles are General Fiction (GF) and the Classic Book category. Last year I read no Classics and only one GF. This year I have read no GF’s and no Classics!

Since I am going away on holiday in the next few days, I am determined to read on Classic (which I have decided upon as Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell) and one Self Help book. Doing this means I can tick off two categories! Luckily for me I am halfway through a book called Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchin Rubin.

So there is still hope yet!

How do you feel about changing your reading goal posts? Do you think it’s a better way than just watching yourself fail?

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