Awaken Light by Katherine Hastings

Katherine Hastings strikes again with another captivating vampire romance, the second book in her vampire trilogy.

Book Synopsis – Awakened Light

Catrain’s duty says she must stay and lead her people, but her heart says she belongs with the vampire she’s supposed to hate.

I was raised to hate vampires. In my eyes, vampires are an abomination created by my ancestor’s magic, and every last one of them should be wiped off the earth.

And then I meet Thorne.

He’s one of them, but he’s different than the blood-thirsty monsters I’ve always been led to believe they are. He’s kind, funny, and charming.

And more handsome than any man I’ve ever seen.

When his friend, Annella, is kidnapped, he comes to me for help. He needs my magic to track her so they can bring her home. Even though I should say no and stay here on the island I’ve never left, his pleading eyes seduce me to follow him into the world I’ve never seen.

A world so big and complex it rivals the feelings growing for Thorne that I can’t seem to deny.

Feelings I can’t have. It’s forbidden. Our lives too different. My responsibilities impossible to ignore.

All I can do is try to enjoy this short time with Thorne before I must return to my home and my duties… and say goodbye to the man and the life that can never be mine.


I am always a sucker for Vampire Romances and Hasting’s know how to mix the supernatural, plot and relationships.

I really enjoyed Thorne and Catrian’s story, especially since Catrian is a badass Pict who takes not prisoners when it comes to family and duty. She does not waver when it comes to her destiny until she meets Throne, a vampire who challenges her to look at what she truly want’s out of her life.

Another element that I really liked about this story was that I couldn’t really predict the outcome. I had a hint of where the story could go, but it wasn’t as straight forward as other VR I have read which I really appreciated.

Overall a fantastic follow up to Into the Light and I can wait to read Eternal Light!

Rating: 5/5

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